Canada Brand Initiative Conference Call

The Saskatchewan Grocery Retail and Foodservice Value Chain Initiative hosted a Canada Brand Conference call on Wednesday, November 16th 2011 with Susan Winkelaar, Associate Director of the Canada Brand Strategy at Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada. The 75 minute call, which included 48 participants, provided an overview of the Canada Brand Initiative and introduced to the new domestic Eat Canadian initiative, which increases awareness of Canadian products. The call featured a question and answer period focusing on the new Domestic Initiative .

PDF of Brochure ACS Canada Brand Presentation (1.3 MB)

PDF of Brochure Canada Brand Canadian Consumer Grocery Shopping Study (380 KB)

PDF of Brochure Canada Brand Application Form (1.2 MB)

PDF of Brochure Shopper Simulation Final Report (4.4 MB)

Please check back for dates and times on upcoming conference calls. For more information on the Canada Brand Initiative, please go to their website.

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