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The Saskatchewan Foodservice Value Chain Initiative is designed to assist the Saskatchewan agriculture and agri-food industry to develop the capabilities and tools needed to capture new value added market opportunities and provide solutions to operational challenges within the Canadian foodservice industry. The foodservice guides were developed to provide a path of understanding within the Canadian foodservice industry and provide the process of understanding the needs of the foodservice provider.

Expanding on the delivery of the foodservice guides is the development of the semi-annual industry conference calls with Canadian foodservice consultants to provide an overview and update of activities within the Canadian foodservice industry. The semi-annual conference call dates and times will be listed on the value chain website throughout the year.

The Saskatchewan foodservice value chain roundtables is a new concept that will provide opportunities for discussion and collaboration within the Saskatchewan agri-food industry. The roundtable discussions will be accessible via conference call to any Saskatchewan agriculture and agri-food industry participant.




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